Foster their Culture

Caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out of home care. Foster their Culture. Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care

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Torres Strait Islander Parenting

The Buai Sei Boey Wagel Project was part of the Australian Institute of Family Studies Parenting -21 study, which explored how Australian parents were bringing up children who will live most oftheir lives in the twenty-first century. Buai sei boey wagel is a combination of eastern and western Island languages. Buai is a Meriam Mir word which in this context means “family”; sei boey wagel is Kala Kawaw Ya, meaning “for the future” (thus, Family for the Future Project).The Buai Sei Boey Wagel Project was undertaken by the University of Queensland and the Australian Institute of Family Studies under the auspices of a Steering Committee comprising the project directors and four representatives appointed by the Torres and Northern Peninsula Area Health Council. Funding was received from the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.

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